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On October 7th, US2020 RTP is hosting its official Launch Event! We’ve been working hard these past few months to build a partner network of nonprofits, corporations, school systems, and universities to streamline STEM mentoring in the Triangle, so now it’s time to kick back and remember why we’re really here: we’re all still entertained by kids science experiments.

US2020’s model is based around hands-on and interactive STEM learning, so in an effort to practice what we preach, we wanted our event to be as engaging as possible. There will be science stations where guests can engage in activities such as making boo bubbles (touchable bubbles filled with fog) and building stomp rockets (rockets you set off by stomping on a launcher). We will have a Van de Graaff generator, so guests can know what it feels to have their hair stand on end. There will be special guest appearances from our robot overlords (be sure to get on their good side).

One of the main activities will be “speed dating,” where guests will have a few minutes to learn about mentorship opportunities from a selection of our nonprofit partners. We often advertise our mentor matching platform as a “,” where prospective mentors browse mentoring opportunities they’re interested in, but we realize that online dating isn’t for everyone. This way, corporate partners and potential mentors will be able to learn about mentor opportunities in person (sometimes you just can’t tell if there’s any chemistry from the Internet…).

The event will be from 3-5pm at RTP headquarters. Light refreshments will be provided by N2 Scoops, so you can watch professionals make ice cream with liquid nitrogen (and then eat it). Make sure to the stay for the end when we launch the stomp rockets!