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Hello Gentle Readers and Drawers. 

The theme of this year’s RTP STEM Expo is Dinos vs. Sharks. Why, you ask? Because the 600 students who attend The Expo at The Frontier will collect data on shark teeth, dinosaur teeth, and fossilized dinosaur eggshells through citizen science (pretty sweet, right?). 

To get in the spirit of this event, we decided to institute a drawing contest of dinosaurs and sharks. It started in our office, but we want to expand it out to you! You can tweet your Dino vs. Shark Challenge drawing to @STEMinthePark and we’ll put it on our blog! 

The Artwork: 

Hannah's Photo

“Sharks and Dinos Face Off” By Hannah Strom, age 24

Christine's Dinosaur Drawing

“Kelsie: Mornings in the Office” By Christine Abernathy, age 25

Kelsie's Dino and Shark

“Mesozoic Enlightenment” By Kelsie Martinez, age 24

Julie's Drawing

“Sea and Land” By Julie Terry, Age 28

Abby's Drawing

“Scaly Synchronicity” By Abby Gingrich, age 23

Sam's Photo

“Dinos Strike Back” By Samantha Strom, age 24 

Brett's Photo

“Sharkasaurus®” By Brett Brenton, age 41

Amanda's Photo

“Team Left Shark” By Amanda Frystock 

Meaghan's Drawing

“Evolution…WHY?!” By Meaghan McGrath 

Maggie's Drawing

“Bob the T-Rex and Joe the Hammerhead Shark” By Maggie Balk, age 24 



image5 (1)  

“Untitled” By Barbara 



image4 (1)  



“Bill Nye the Dino Guy” 

   image1 (2) 


  Andy's photo 

“The Mighty Torosaurus” by Andy Minard, age 46

jonathan's photo

“Megalodon = Sharkosaur” By Jonathan Fredrick

 Drawing 1

 “Untitled” by Kyla  

Jessica's Drawing

By Jessica, Age 8

Fernado's Drawing

 “Untitled” By Fernando

Ellanor's Drawing

 “Shark vs. Dinosaur” By Ellanor, Age 21

Ava's Dino

“Untitled 1” by Ava, age 6

Ava's Shark

 “Untitled 2” By Ava, age 6

Jasper Shark

“Sharck” By Jasper, age 7

Jasper Dino

 “Dinosoar” By Jasper, age 7 

Bridget's Drawing

 “Dinoshark” By Bridget 

Wichita's Drawing

 “Untitled” By STEMpact2020 

Allison's drawing

  Knock Knock” By Allison Nemo

KB's drawing

 “Ferocious vs. Impending Doom” By K.B.

Raynon's Drawing

 “Untitled” By Rayhan, age 7

Sally's Shark

 “LOLCAT Shark” By Sally Fritsche, age 23