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The dust has settled on Year 1 of US2020 RTP just in time for two eager newbies to come and stir things up. With an enthusiasm fueled mostly by office coffee and a mutual idealism, Zack Rubin and Tatiana Jenkins find themselves inheriting the legacy of innovation and creativity from the VISTAs that preceded them.

Serving as this year’s Knowledge Management Lead, Zack can be found around The Frontier introducing himself as “the new Kelsie”. A proud Chapel Hill native, Zack spends his free time switching through Outkast songs and running around his neighborhood with his dog. Zack has a background in Biology which makes this opportunity especially exciting for him.

Mix one part Hannah and one part Christine with a generous amount of quirkiness, and you’ll have yourself a Tatiana, this year’s Events & External Communications Lead. Infamous for using curious catchphrases such as “skosh”, “totes mcgotes” and “cool beans”, Tatiana joins the team with a dedicated approach. This former AmeriCorps NCCC volunteer has done a little of everything, from studying Mass Communications at UNC Pembroke to doing construction work with Habitat for Humanity. In her free time she can be found boring innocent people with fun facts about her TS Eliot tattoo and reminding her one year old daughter it’s not okay to growl at strangers.

Zack and Tatiana can be found at the Frontier and are always up for making new friends. Feel free to stop in and say hi!