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As our predecessors pass the baton to us, we seem to have big shoes of vast responsibilities to fill, and a uniquely exciting experience ahead of us. With much uncertainty, yet hopeful visions, Chichi and I have shown the dedication and passion needed to support the mission of US2020. The US2020 RTP team, Brett and Sarah have welcomed us and can’t wait to see what unique talents we bring to the table.  Let’s dive into our personalities and see how we fit in the mission to attack the inequity in education.

Chinedum Orji (Chichi), the new US2020 knowledge and management VISTA is excited to get the ball rolling on what is to be an exciting year! A Morrisville, NC native with a Public Policy and Economics degree from UNC Chapel Hill(Go Tar Heels!), Chichi is excited to serve his local community. He plans to build on the progress of the past two years by continuing to revamp the evaluation progress and moving towards increasing the sustainability of the US2020 RTP Mission. During his spare time, he loves to play soccer (also an Arsenal fan), listens to OutKast on repeat, and explore new sights in the Triangle.

Salut!  I’m Jennifer Awuku a High Point resident, and will be the Events and External Communications Lead for US2020 RTP. I graduated from UNC Greensboro majoring in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. My favorite t.v show is the Walking Dead, but I also like to watch reality t.v. shows.  I’m an intermediate French speaker, and love to listen to Reggae and French pop music. During my VISTA year, I’m optimistic about the growth and progress of US2020. I plan to contribute to the success of US2020 by facilitating the outreach movement by spreading the word using social media platforms and science expos.

We the VISTAs have survived our first week, and are now being unleashed to brave the world with our own unique gears. Yippee! Chichi and I are very excited to be here and can’t wait to see where this year takes us.  Now that you know a few things about us, don’t hesitate to say “hi” when you see us in the hallways.