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“We are going to LORD on Wednesday guys!” Sarah screamed from her office.  I had no idea what LORD was, but I was excited go to explore the corporate world once again. Every now and then, the US2020 RTP team visits STEM companies for tours, or sometimes, we just pitch in an ongoing event to share our story.

On September, 28, we visited LORD Corporation for their Volunteer Opportunity Fair and had an opportunity to meet their wonderful staff and tour their mechanical and chemical engineering departments. The following day, the US2020 RTP VISTAs (Chichi and I) were left loose to piggyback off the Environmental Protection Agency’s Annual EPA-RTP STEM Outreach Open House & Training Event.  The purpose of this event was to recruit more speed mentors for our Arts n’ STEM Expo. Many thanks to Kelly our superb EPA liaison.  

The following week, we tabled at the IBM’s Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign Kickoff event  where we did more speed mentor recruiting. It was nice to see everyone so excited about our US2020 RTP mission and speed mentoring. And Yes! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our Speed Mentoring sessions are about to be all filled thanks to all who helped spread the word, and of course, those who signed up.

Today marks exactly one week to our Arts n’ STEM Expo! Expo planning is reaching its final moments and this process has been nothing short of exhilarating.  I have come to learn so much from Brett (our resident expo veteran) who has planned 4 different expos with the help of previous VISTAs. He has been a tremendous resource throughout this process and has made it a much smoother process for me.

Apart from that, everything is going really well. Chichi’s pitching in to help as much as he can, and our manager Sarah just got married! I’m just so excited about my role as event planner for this expo and can’t wait for the big day!