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Big news! After 3 years US2020 RTP is now officially STEM in the Park.

In addition to our new website, our name change not only reflects the location of our program but our unique role in this ecosystem of the Park and the Triangle.  US2020 RTP, now STEM in the Park, has always had at its core the goal of lifting up the youth of the area who are traditionally seen as disadvantaged. Young women, students from low income backgrounds and ethnic minorities all deserve exposure and the chance to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our goal has not only been STEM exposure but the development of those passions through mentoring and outreach with local STEM professionals. By building linkages between K-12 schools, youth serving organizations, higher education institutions and STEM industry partners, we want to foster the love of STEM with the students we serve. We also aim to develop an effective pipeline of real world STEM applications to educators, as well as equip STEM companies and higher education institutions with tools to establish and grow their own outreach programs.

Furthermore, as a program of the Research Triangle Park Foundation, we embody the mission of The Foundation, to lift up the lives of all North Carolinians. We have a shared goal of keeping talented school aged kids in the area to become, with our help, a more well-equipped and diverse workforce for local STEM companies. Our mission is to engage youth, educators and STEM organizations into this community of sharing STEM knowledge and experiences.

With our name change, we hope to shine a light on the knowledge and resources the Park shares with the surrounding North Carolina community.

Visit our new website here: 

Welcome to STEM in the Park.

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