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In October, I attended the US2020 STEM Mentoring Awards held in Washington DC. This awards ceremony highlighted organizations that have created events and programs to transform science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, outreach and mentoring across the US. These awards are of special interest to STEM in the Park because we are one of the city coalition sites for STEM work. At the awards this year, two STEM in the Park partners, Environmental Protection Agency-Research Triangle Park and Wake Education Partnership, won national awards for their NC accomplishments.   

Recipient: EPA-RTP

Awards Won: Excellence in Volunteer Experience & Excellence in Volunteer Mobilization

Since EPA-RTP’s STEM Outreach Program began in 2004, volunteers have donated over 19,000 hours of their time to provide hands-on STEM programming for local students and community members. The EPA-RTP has been a partner of STEM in the Park, formerly US2020 RTP, since the beginning of the program in 2014. Our programs have partnered together many times and this year the EPA is hosting the STEM in the Park mentoring program, pairing EPA scientists with 15 high schoolers from Hillside High School in Durham.

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Recipient: Wake Education Partnership

Award Won: Excellence in Public-Private Partnership

WakeEd, established in 1983, has always championed the Wake County educator in their programming. This award highlighted their most successful programs, SummerSTEM and World Café. Each program is rooted in the connection of educators to real world experiences through relationships with local STEM businesses. STEM in the Park has learned from, hosted and been a partner of WakeEd’s since the early days of 2014. Our programs have always had as their bottom line, serving students and educators of Wake County and surrounding areas.

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