Encourage your students to pursue a career in STEM

Calling all educators! Our STEM Fests are designed to inspire 7th-12th graders to pursue a career in STEM. We focus on low-resourced schools in the North Carolina Triangle region as part of our mission to build a strong pipeline of STEM talent that includes all genders, races and backgrounds.

Each STEM Fest is a fun-filled day that engages students in a variety of STEM activities. They will think about real-world challenges, imagine themselves in a STEM career through hands-on demonstrations, build to reinforce concepts learned during the day, and meet with STEM professionals to learn about many pathways to a STEM career.

Tech Fest! STEM Fests (formerly Expos) brought together students and STEM organizations to explore, engage, and evolve on Friday, November 9, 2018 at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park put on by STEM in the Park. The Fest was broken down into three components.
Think: Problem-solving session based on a topic posed by a STEM organization. Groups are 5-7 middle/high school students with 1-5 STEM professionals. Discussion is aided by worksheet that flows through design thinking. Professionals provide guidance and encouragement to students during the session. Short presentation at end of the session to share 1-2 solutions developed by students.

Imagine: In this session, STEM professionals engage students by sharing the inner workings of their job through hands-on demos.

Meet: STEM professionals engage in multiple short conversations with students to share the real life journey to becoming a STEM professional (formerly called Speed Mentoring)

STEM in the Park, a Research Triangle Foundation funded program for students, focusing on underrepresented minorities, girls, and students from low-income backgrounds. STEM in the Park facilitates hands-on mentoring and engagement opportunities with STEM professionals and, for educators, provides half day immersion trips to experience STEM in real-life inside STEM companies around the Triangle region. 
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The Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the United States of America. The Research Triangle Foundation (RTF) is tasked to bring continued economic development through innovation and stewardship of the RTP facilities and property while continuing to create an inclusive community welcoming to the Triangle region and all of North Carolina.

STEM Fests

A STEM Fest occurs twice annually (fall and spring), and applications open early in the fall for teachers to request their student’s participation.

In FY19, 66% of over 400 students were more interested in pursuing a STEM career after attending a STEM Fest.



Durham and Wake County teachers: Immerse yourself into an ExternTrip experience at a local STEM organization or higher education institution for half a day. Your visit may include a tour of the facility, hands-on demonstrations, and networking with employees that work for the organization. 

The skills and knowledge you gain will transform your classroom teaching. 

Since 2017


teachers have been positively impacted
by attending Educator ExternTrips


students have been positively impacted
by a teacher's participation

“It left me feeling inspired to shake up some of our activities and bring some fresh ideas to the program.”

“It's great to see so many businesses interested in improving K-12 STEM education!”

“The experience and collaboration here will have a positive impact on my abilities to connect with students and educators.”